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Recreational Systems for Marketing

Using Recreational Systems for Marketing

Show ’em What You’re Working With

Marketing is an important part of any business, especially businesses that thrive on the public’s participation. If developing programs for these public businesses—like the parks and recreational industry—was difficult before, the shift to more digital and virtual experiences made it even harder to stand out. Public spaces could greatly benefit from using recreational systems for marketing to create unique experiences. Read more

Cloud Service Maintenance

Cloud Service Maintenance

Keeping it All Up and Running

Today, many people trust their data to the cloud. We save our documents, pictures, music, and more up there. We email, collaborate and share information through it too. All of this saving and sharing seems to be done with nothing more than a computer or smart device. But what happens if something goes awry? Dealing with digital systems still requires skill and patience through all the bugs. Thankfully there are ways to recover. Here’s a handy guide to cloud service maintenance and what you can do to help keep costs down, productivity up, and your information safe. Read more

Stable Equine Monitors

Installing Stable Equine Monitors

An Investment in Peace of Mind

Make a stable investment in your horse farm—install stable equine monitors. Not only can you check in on your horse 24/7, but you’ll also help keep this part of your property safe and secure. Learn more about how this solid investment can bring peace of mind. Read more

Cloud Storage Basics

Cloud Storage Basics

Compare Before You Share

"Store it in the cloud,” they said. “It’ll be fine,” they said. Well, nowadays, if you work online, data is probably saved there anyway. Learn some cloud storage basics and whether it is, in fact, fine. Read more

Installing Barn Equine Monitors

Installing Barn Equine Monitors

For Security & Peace of Mind

For those who live on horse farms, the barn is an extension of the home. So, if you have security for the house, why not security for the barn? Installing barn equine monitors can be as simple or complex as you need. Just as there are many levels of home security, there are different equine monitors to help keep your property, equipment, and animals safe and your mind at ease. Read more