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Testing Fire Systems Checklist

Checklist for Testing Fire Systems

More Than Just the Battery

Now that security systems are mostly digital with a range of bells and whistles and notifications, it’s important to test functionality on a more consistent basis. This goes for homeowners and business owners. Use this checklist for testing fire systems in the home and office. While you may not have all the features covered, you want to make sure you do a thorough check to keep your family and livelihood safe and secure. Read more

Collaborating in the Cloud

Collaborating in the Cloud

Tools to Use & Look Forward to

Gather the team for a meeting...in the cloud! Sounds like a magical experience, right? With the shift in remote work and advances in technology, collaborating in the cloud is easier than ever. Discover the benefits for businesses and employees alike. Read more

Measure Fitness Levels with Equine Monitoring

Measure Fitness Levels with Equine Monitoring

Use these Devices to Help

How important is it to track your horse’s heart rate? If you want a glimpse into their overall health, it’s important. Plus, it’s not that hard to determine with the right equipment. Easily measure fitness levels with equine monitoring devices. Keep track of a range of vital signs to track what’s happening with your horse. Read more

Equine Monitoring Benefits

Top 5 Equine Monitoring Benefits

For at Home & On the Road

Want a way to monitor your horse 24/7, assess their health and mobility, and extend your security reach to the stables and beyond? Then you need an equine monitor. While there are many equine monitoring benefits, here are the top five. Read more

Race Day Equine Monitoring

Race Day Equine Monitoring

A Lot is Riding on Your Horses’ Health

Race day is a big day for many reasons. The horse has trained for this. The trainer has planned for this. You want this to go as smoothly as possible. This means keeping everyone in the loop. Keep this race day equine monitoring checklist handy to help prepare for the big day and stay informed throughout. Read more