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Equine Monitoring Gifts

The Gift of Equine Monitoring

Make the Season Merry & Safe

Tis the season for safety. One of the best gifts you can give someone is something that will make them feel more comfortable and secure. Give equine monitoring gifts to your favorite equestrian, and make the holidays merry and safe. Read more

Storing Data in the Cloud

Storing Data in the Cloud

Which Option is Right for You

How do you store data? Do you prefer the old-school style of hard copies and hard drives? Or have you crossed over to the digital side? While storing precious, private information in something called “the Cloud” may seem unstable to some, it’s an option that’s only growing and improving with time. Learn more about how storing data in the cloud could be the right solution for you at home and in the workplace. Read more

Benefits of Cloud-Based Equine Monitoring

Benefits of Cloud-Based Equine Monitoring

And How to Manage it

When it comes to tracking health and wellness—for yourself and your family—would you rather wade through paperwork or easily organize, share, and store information digitally? If the latter works for you, you’ll appreciate the benefits of cloud-based equine monitoring. Learn how making the switch can make you a believer. Read more

Recreational System Audience

Finding Your Recreational System Audience

Then Engaging with Them

Some may think marketing for a recreational facility is all fun and games. Well, when more and more people are finding ways of entertaining themselves at home, it can be tricky attracting newcomers. However, with a little help from video and social media, finding your recreational system audience doesn’t have to be that hard. Read more

Testing Fire Systems Checklist

Checklist for Testing Fire Systems

More Than Just the Battery

Now that security systems are mostly digital with a range of bells and whistles and notifications, it’s important to test functionality on a more consistent basis. This goes for homeowners and business owners. Use this checklist for testing fire systems in the home and office. While you may not have all the features covered, you want to make sure you do a thorough check to keep your family and livelihood safe and secure. Read more

Collaborating in the Cloud

Collaborating in the Cloud

Tools to Use & Look Forward to

Gather the team for a meeting...in the cloud! Sounds like a magical experience, right? With the shift in remote work and advances in technology, collaborating in the cloud is easier than ever. Discover the benefits for businesses and employees alike. Read more