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Burglar System Updates

5 Burglar System Updates

When it’s Time to Ramp Up Security

Now and then you have to update certain things. Your car, your phone, your passwords, your look—they can all become outdated and need an improvement. The same thing goes for your security system. Here are five burglar system updates to think about the next time you need to step up security. Read more

Home Gate Design Inspiration

Home Gate Design Inspiration

Your Home is Waiting to Welcome You

Look around your home. Could it use a refresh? How about outside? Maybe something that's a chic, functional design and also adds an element of security. Check out some of these home gate design ideas for inspiration. Read more

CCTV Security System Components

4 Crucial CCTV Security System Components

And Added Extras to Pull it All Together

Whether you're looking to update an existing security system or want to start from scratch, there are certain components you simply can't skip. Before installing any closed-circuit television (CCTV) security system, make sure these items are on your list. Read more

Equine Monitoring Gifts

Give the Gift of Equine Monitoring

It’s on Every Equestrians Wish List

For that special horse-lover in your life, give the gift of equine monitoring. Not only is it an added safety measure in the barn, but it can connect horse owners, trainers, breeders, and vets to provide a horse with the care they need. Take a look at some equine monitoring gifts available this season. Read more

Holiday Data in the Cloud

Storing & Sharing Holiday Data in the Cloud

Making the Season Bright One MB at a Time

Between holiday tunes, recipes, photos and more, it's beginning to look like a lot of content! How are you going to organize and store it all? The cloud. Plus, sharing holiday data in the cloud is just as easy. Looks like the season is still merry and bright. Read more

Cloud-Based Equine Monitoring

Cloud-Based Equine Monitoring

Building a Better Barn and Business

Setting up a security system is one thing. Storing the footage for future use is another. If you're going to want to record, save, and store surveillance footage, consider using the cloud. Learn more about how cloud-based equine monitoring systems can work for you and your business. Read more