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Cloud-based document management system

Document Management

Take it to the Cloud

Once there were file drawers, then came floppy disks, then zip files, thumb drives, external harddrives, and more. Document management has certainly changed over time, but a few things remain the same. The safekeeping and easy access of files is still top priority. And that's why we now turn to the cloud. Read more

Reduce Liability Insurance with Equine Monitoring

Reduce Liability Insurance

With Equine Monitoring

You insure your house, car, boat, jewelry, and even an arm or leg if it's that important to you. Therefore, insuring your horse should also be a major consideration—especially if others are involved. There are ways to reduce liability insurance with equine monitoring while increasing peace of mind. Read more

Fire Safety Tips

Fire Safety Tips

How to Help at Home

When's the last time you learned about fire safety? If a bear was teaching you, it's been too long. You may know about changing the smoke alarm batteries and stop, drop, and roll, but there are a lot more fire safety tips to keep in mind. Read more

live-streaming for recreational systems

Benefits of Live-Streaming

For Recreational Systems

The big day has arrived. The main event you've been looking forward to for a while now. You're getting ready to go, but surprise! Your car breaks down. Or your kid gets sick. Or your dog just ate something bad and has to go to the vet. You don't want to miss the event, but what can you do? You don't have to miss a thing if live-streaming is available at the venue. Read more

Web-Based Email with Cloud Storage

Web-Based Email

With Cloud Storage Solutions

An email address is as important to a business now as a telephone number was back in the day. Most businesses choose web-based email for the ease and reliability of the services. Read on to learn why. Read more