Corporate Gate Design

From a Professional POV


Gates serve a myriad of purposes. From setting the tone for your property to setting the expectation of security, it’s all about a gate’s design. Professional corporate gate design is usually more function over form. When it comes to securing a business, a gate is more than just an accessory.

The Purpose of Professional Corporate Gate Design

While you can still have a striking gate with a modern design at your office entry, the purpose here is more about how it functions. Corporate gates play a pivotal role in the safety of staff and visitors in any office park. Whether installed indoors or out, a gate serves the following functions:

  1. Security. Easily monitor and record entry and exit data.
  2. Access. Allow certain access to qualified personnel by featuring keycards, sensors, or other measures to gain entry.
  3. Traffic flow. Reduce backup in certain areas, control which gates open at certain points, and regulate throughout the day.
  4. Perimeter safety. Complete a fencing system with a matching gate design.

While not all gates require a fence or operator, they do require regular maintenance to make sure they continue to function properly.

Types of Corporate Gates

No matter what industry you’re in, you want a gate to match the function of your facility. Most corporate gates are made from heavy-duty materials for a higher level of security and performance.

  • Vertical lift gates work well with a manual or automatic operation, depending on the level of traffic.
  • Extra-wide gates accommodate large openings for warehouses.
  • A simple swing gate can help section off a prohibited area.

No matter what material or design you choose, make sure it’s installed correctly and is easy to operate. This may mean you need a solution retrofitted to your exact specifications. Have a professional help plan and install a custom gate to ensure peak performance. Contact Security Five to discuss your corporate gate design options. Whether you need a standard system or a more unique look, our security experts can help put you on the right path.