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What are Network Switches and Do I Need One

What’s a Network Switch

And Do I Need One

Setting up a multimedia network for your business usually consists of connecting multiple computers, printers, phones, servers, and more. What connects all of these components? A network switch. Switches allow for the efficient sharing of information and resources across a network. Learn more about how different types of network switches work and if it's necessary for your purposes. Read more

Horse Show Security with Equine Monitoring

Horse Show Security

With Mobile Equine Monitoring

Between packing up the trailer and being away from the comforts of home, traveling with your horse is stressful enough. Anything that provides some sort of peace of mind is a sound investment. Use mobile equine monitoring for horse show security and have one less thing to worry about on the road. Read more

Recreational Systems as a Recruiting Tool

Recreational Systems as a Recruiting Tool

Show Them What You Offer

Need a new way to recruit employees, teams, vendors, and event planners to utilize your recreational space? Put it all on video. Leverage your recreational security system as a recruiting tool to show prospective participants what your facility offers. Read more

Database Processing in the Cloud

Database Processing in the Cloud

Why it Works for Companies of All Sizes

Companies both large and small have databases full of information. From industry contacts to files and files of paperwork, it's important to have an efficient system of organizing this data. This is where using the cloud for database processing can greatly benefit any company of any size. Read more

Preventing Barn Fire

Preventing Barn Fires

And Installing Monitoring Systems Just in Case

What's wooden, full of flammable materials, and usually not monitored 24/7? A barn. And when said barn is home to precious animals and equipment, there should be a way to keep it from being such a fire hazard. This is where equine monitoring makes a big difference when it comes to preventing barn fires. Read more

Recreational Systems for Facility Safety

Using Recreational Systems for Facility Safety

Cut Cost, Not Security

Public spaces such as parks, concert venues, rec centers, sports complexes, etc. are just as likely to be hit by crime as private homes and businesses. Therefore, facility safety should always be a priority. The same recreational security systems used for streaming events and marketing the facility also have a more serious purpose—protecting the public. Read more