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How Team Recruiters Benefit from Recreational Systems

How Team Recruiters Benefit from Recreational Systems

And What it Means for the Players

No matter what sport is being played or what level is being assessed, team recruiters are all looking for the same thing: talent. Talent is found on and off the field, and both can be monitored through the right recreational system. Read more

Fire Alarm Systems for Businesses

Different Fire Alarm Systems

And How They Benefit Your Business

Just as all fire extinguishers are not the same, there are also different fire alarm systems to choose from. There's a lot more to it than a simple smoke alarm. While you may not need all the bells and whistles, it's good to know there are options. Read more

Team Collaboration in the Cloud

Team Collaboration in the Cloud

Looks Like a Brainstorm is Coming

Working together as a group has a great many advantages—team work makes the dream work, right? However, sometimes one of the biggest meeting hurdles to jump is finding the right time and place for everyone to get together. Take team collaboration to the cloud and make it easy for everyone to meet at any time from any place. Read more

10 Types of CCTV System Cameras

10 Types of CCTV System Cameras

And the Purpose of Each

With so many security cameras on the market these days, it's easy to get overwhelmed with choices. Here's a breakdown of ten different types of closed circuit television (CCTV) system cameras and how each is typically used. Read more

Fire Alarm System for Barn

Fire Alarm System for Barns

How to Help Save Your Horse’s Home

A wooden structure full of hay is not the place for a fire. Barns are highly susceptible to damage, especially since it's usually not equipped with the proper fire safety measures. On top of it all, it could house horses and other livestock which can be a great loss for any family. This is why a fire alarm system should always be installed in barns and regularly tested and updated to help ensure the safety of the structure and animals inside. Read more

Why horses need 24-hour Monitoring

Why Horses Need 24-hour Monitoring

And How You Benefit Too

Why do you need 24-hour monitoring of a horse? Well, are you running a board and train business? Do you suspect your horse is sick or pregnant? Are you on the road a lot to shows and races? Then you may want to consider 24-hour equine monitoring. Read more