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Cloud Storage

The 3 P’s of Cloud Storage Services

Public, Personal & Private

When it comes to storing data, you have several options. The best choice depends on the amount of data you have, how you’d like to access it, and your privacy preference. The three main types of cloud storage include public, personal, and private. Learn a little more about each type and decide which is best for you or your company. Read more

When to Update Fire Systems

When to Update Fire Systems

Even if it’s Working

It’s a common practice to regularly test and change your fire alarm batteries. Typically people use Daylight Savings Time as a reminder. However, there comes a point when the entire system needs an update, even if the regular tests seem to be working properly. Learn about when to update fire systems in your home or office and help prevent a future disaster. Read more

Smart Home Technology

The Latest in Smart Home Technology

For Every Room in Your House

How smart is your home? From the TV to the fridge, there are so many appliances that work with voice control that we may end up talking to more devices than people these days. While the latest in smart home technology is constantly changing, the hope is to make your life a little more safe, comfortable, and livable—all without breaking the bank. Here’s a room-by-room rundown of some of the most popular tech today. Read more

Installing Automatic Gate Design

Before Installing an Automatic Gate Design

Weigh the Pros & Cons First

When designing the right gate for your property, there are many options from the type of material to the way it functions. Depending on your situation, an automatic gate may be the best operation to fit your needs. However, like everything else, this feature has its pros and cons. Here’s what to consider before installing an automatic gate design. Read more

A security system is an important part of any property, especially a place of business. Whether you work in retail, healthcare, or food service, having a way to keep people, equipment, and information secure is paramount. While there are many security systems available on the market, designing one for a professional establishment has its own set of requirements. Learn more about the components of a business CCTV system and the best way to incorporate it into the workplace. Read more

Important Networking Components

The Most Important Networking Components

For Wired & Wireless Connections

Whether you consider yourself a techie or not, you should familiarize yourself with the basic components of a computer network if one is needed in your home or place of business. A computer network is a collection of devices—such as a computer, printer, or data storage device—designed to sync and share information. Discover what the most important networking components are and how they work together. Read more