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Home Automation Trends

What’s New in Home Automation

The Latest Smart Home Trends

If you're familiar with home automation, you know the technology is ever-evolving. From security systems to personal communications, here's what's new in home automation. Read more

Automatic Gate Design Pros Cons

The Pros and Cons of Automatic Gate Design

And How the Pros Help

When choosing the right gate for your home or business, you have a lot of options. Here are some pros and cons of automatic gate design to help you narrow your options down. Read more

Business CCTV Components

Components of a Business CCTV System

Kick Security up a Notch

Every closed-circuit television system has its list of basic components. But when it comes to securing your livelihood, now you mean business. Kick your basic list up a notch with business CCTV components. Read more

Farm Gate Design Checklist

Farm Gate Design Checklist

From Protecting Piglets to Pastures

Whether you're on a small family farm or you own acres of land for livestock and crops, you can help protect your property with a gate. Follow this farm gate design checklist to get started. Read more

Corporate Gate Design Checklist

Corporate Gate Design Checklist

Questions to Ask Yourself or a Contractor

So, you've decided you need a gate to help keep your corporate facility secure. What's next? Well, there's a list of questions to ask yourself—or your gate contractor—and various features to consider. Follow this corporate gate design checklist to get started. Read more