Park & Recreation Security Equipment

For Good, Safe Fun

Now that live, in-person events are starting to come back after years of restrictions, the need for safety and security protocols is even greater. Whether the event is indoors or out, here’s a list of various park and recreation security equipment that venues should consider.

Park and Recreation Security Equipment

From sports to music, people travel to parks and other public venues to relax, not worry about their safety. However, the more people there are at a venue, the greater the need for certain security measures. This is why event organizers and venue owners need to plan for and invest in security.

There are many options available for helping to keep an area safe and secure. The best option will depend on the size of the building and the budget. There are also certain regulations to keep in mind, especially when dealing with the public. For instance, post signs for surveillance systems so people know they’re being filmed. Advances in technology are also making it easier to build a better security system to fit a variety of needs.

Whether you’re looking for an overall system or specific devices to add to a current network, here are a few park and recreation security equipment options.

Recreation Facility Design

Even before the first visitor arrives at a venue, plan for safety and security measures in the design of a space. You can help control the flow of traffic in and out of the parking lot and building with special gates and fencing. Make sure these areas are well-lit any time of day or night. Keep surveillance cameras in mind when designing a space so that you maximize their use and avoid blind spots. Other safety features to consider include:

  • Automatic door locks
  • Access control panels to restricted areas
  • Keyfob/card access points to member areas
  • Timers for lights and other systems
  • Emergency alarm systems
  • Motion sensors
  • Smart lights with remote access

Park Video Surveillance

Security cameras have been used in public spaces for decades. Now, instead of a room full of monitors and VHS tapes, wireless cameras are installed or moved around and monitored remotely. There’s a wide variety of rugged indoor/outdoor cameras that provide high-quality images, audio, and even night vision for monitoring parks, pools, and stadiums. Sync multiple cameras to one system and grant access to multiple parties—including law enforcement—for viewing online. Store footage in a private cloud and easily search the online database when needed. There’s no need to go into the office to review any footage when it’s available through a password-protected hub online.

Maintaining Park & Recreation Security Standards

When it comes to public safety, there are a set of standards each venue has to follow. Safety and security are top priorities and should be routinely assessed to determine effectiveness. Even though technology always seems to be advancing, it’s also prone to glitches. You want to ensure any equipment your facility uses continues to stay in working order, especially those related to security.

Facility staff should run regular maintenance checks, but it’s also important to have systems thoroughly checked by security professionals. You can expect company audits will be done to make sure your site is up to code on any safety measures the local government has established.

Professional Setup for Parks and Recreational Venues

Before you open to the public or launch a new security initiative, get your security system checked or updated by a professional security company. Pros can help plan during the building stage, maintain systems throughout the year, troubleshoot issues, and recommend necessary upgrades. A professionally backed system helps keep the venue safer. It also helps keep costs low if you’re able to deter crime or provide evidence in case of an emergency. Don’t leave security to chance. Consult with an expert at Security Five and ensure your venue has the equipment you need.