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Recreational Systems for Marketing

Marketing a product or service is usually a cut-and-dry process. You find your audience who needs it and tell them what you offer. But what about selling an experience? This isn’t always as easy, especially if it’s new. This is where you have to get creative about how to show your audience what they can expect. Seeing is believing. And using recreational systems for marketing can help experience-makers make it happen.

What’s a Recreational System

Public venues that provide a recreational service, like parks and stadiums, should have a system in place for streamlining their processes. These systems can encompass everything from event schedules, to booking platforms, and security protocols. While these systems used to be binders or discs full of information, now much of this data can be digitally stored and shared online. Not only does this make organizing the process easier, but it’s also a huge help for the marketing team when it comes time to promote an event.

A marketing strategy for any event is more robust when you show your audience what they can expect. Don’t just tell them the details, allow them a taste of the true experience. How? Video.

Incorporating Recreational Video in Your Marketing Strategy

Video is one of the major players in many marketing strategies no matter the size of your company. Consumers are becoming more visual but less patient with ads. This is why whatever you put out has to grab their attention and hold on.

There are so many ways to incorporate video into your promotions. It’s one type of content that can be uploaded to web pages, social media channels, and embedded in emails. Many companies are also turning to influencers to create videos of themselves interacting with the product, service, or experience as well. Just as social media constantly evolves, so does this user-generated content

Video can be used throughout your marketing plan:

  • Create a teaser to promote an event.
  • Livestream the actual event.
  • Post a post-event recap and share details of the next event.

Elements to strengthen these videos include:

  • A clear message
  • Straightforward call to action
  • Video testimonials
  • Incentives to share event information

So, now that you know you want video, how do you source this content?

Recreational Systems for Marketing

When looking for footage to create these marketing videos, you can tap into a system you may already have in place. If your recreational system includes surveillance cameras around your facility, you already have a birds-eye-view of events. Look into connecting this system to Livestream software. Edit the footage to create teasers and highlight reels. Show them what they can expect when they step into your facility and you may find more people walking through your door.

Professional Video Installation

If your facility currently doesn’t have any type of video set-up or recreational system in place, contact Security Five to get started. Ask about a customized solution for anything from security to live streaming and start making video a top marketer for your company.