When to Update Your Fire System

And When to Invest in a New One

When it comes to fire safety, consider your choices: test your system or wait until it’s too late. Regularly checking to make sure your fire alarms are in working order is important. So is updating an old system before you find out it doesn’t work. Here’s what to look for to determine when to update your fire system.

When to Update Your Fire System

If you test your system and it doesn’t work, it’s time to replace it. But you don’t want to get to this point and leave yourself, your family, or your business in jeopardy. Here are a few guidelines to follow to help determine if it’s time for an upgrade.

  1. Out of date. Alarm systems do have an expiration date. Typically, a fire alarm is good for 10-15 years. However, older ones may not have all the necessary features that new ones do. For instance, some systems will now test for smoke and carbon monoxide. A voice alarm will tell you which one it’s detected. Older systems also require more maintenance and regular testing. If the cost of repairs is racking up, consider whether you’d be better off with a new system entirely.
  2. Sensitivity. Is your alarm always going off? Or have you found it’s not going off when it should be (like when your kitchen fills with smoke from someone burning toast)? If your system is too sensitive or not sensitive enough, it’s not a reliable source and should be replaced.
  3. Renovations. If you’ve recently done renovations or expansions on your home or office you should update your fire alarm system to be prepared for any new potential risks. Don’t let a misplaced wire or faulty new appliance be the cause of damage to your new additions.

Professional Alarm System Upgrade

Once you’ve determined it’s time to replace or upgrade your system, make sure it’s done right. A professional protection provider can help evaluate your old system and recommend upgrades or replacements. You want to ensure you’re meeting all local fire codes, especially if you’re running a business.

Just because you get a new system, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t still be checked regularly. Run tests or have a professional inspect a system at any age. For more information on fire alarm maintenance and when to update your system, call the experts at Security Five today.