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personal cloud services

Where do you store all of your personal files? Your photos, family videos, important documents, and the like? If there’s a drawer overflowing with papers or piles of writable discs and hardware, then there’s a better option. Set yourself up with some personal cloud services and keep everything organized and easily searchable.

Top 9 Features of Personal Cloud Services

Like most things that involve a web-based program, cloud services are scalable to fit your needs. There are various options available depending on storage capacity and budget. Here are some of the top features.

  1. File backup. Even if you’re still one that absolutely needs a hardcopy, the cloud is a great space to store a backup in case the file is lost or damaged.
  2. No hardware. No need to keep track of USB dongles, CDs, DVDs, external hard drives, folders, or filing cabinets. Everything is stored on servers online.
  3. Large file storage and sharing. How many times have you had to send multiple emails because a file was too large? Send a link to an online folder instead.
  4. Free storage that’s expandable (for a fee). Many services offer free storage for a certain amount of space. Any additional space needed can be purchased. Free storage also expands overtime as programs advance.
  5. Additional features. Some services provided more than just storage. You can also stream content, easily share with others, and relax with added security measures.
  6. Remote access. Cloud storage is easily accessed through web portals or connected smartphone apps. With the right services, if you change a file through a web portal on a desktop computer and pick it up again through your smartphone app, the file should already be updated and ready to use.
  7. Sync with other devices. Certain cloud services connect with email, cell phone contacts, and location devices to strengthen a network of applications.
  8. Collaboration. Files stored in the cloud can be shared and worked on by multiple parties. This makes planning parties and other daily events a lot easier.
  9. Security. From multi-level passwords to software codes and portals, certain cloud services offer a layer of security to keep your files out of hacker’s hands.

Storage System Set-Up

Whether downloading software or connecting a network, different cloud systems have different set-up options. Before selecting one, make sure it’s compatible with the device and operating system you’re trying to connect it with. While more programs are becoming user-friendly and include some level of tech support, contact Security Five for more information or if you run into issues.