What’s New in Home Automation

The Latest Smart Home Trends


If you’re familiar with home automation, you know the technology is ever-evolving. From security systems to personal communications, here are some home automation trends.

Home Automation Trends

Making your home smarter is a lot easier these days with the range of devices available for security, entertainment, and everyday convenience. Here are some examples of what’s currently available.

Sensors. You may have a motion sensor spotlight outside or an indoor smoke alarm, but what about one that’s triggered when a door or window is open, when a pipe bursts, or when liquid reaches a certain level? Many of these newer sensors are compatible with a mobile app to alert you to a range of situations.

Video doorbells. Not only can you answer the door when you’re not home with two-way audio, but you are alerted when something trips the motion sensor in the area.

Door locks. Forget the keys again? Not to worry. Smart locks allow remote access to your home for yourself or anyone you choose.

Smart shades. You may be familiar with lights on a timer to help keep your home looking lived-in while you’re away. But now motorized shades add another visual representation when you remotely schedule them to open and close throughout the day.

360-degree camera. Keep an eye on everything with a camera that covers more angles. Newer models can tell the difference between objects and animals as well.

Projectors. These are not your grandma’s film projector. Some come in a hand-held size and project video from your phone to the wall or ceiling. Home theater systems are also upgraded with high-definition speakers, lighting, and seating options.

Home office. A large portion of office workers found themselves working from home in the last year. While there are many telework options available, the technology is still advancing and solutions are becoming more scalable.

Professional Upgrades

If you’re in the market for making your home smarter, but you’re not sure where to start, contact Security Five. We can help you find the home security or networking solution that fits your needs and budget.