Never Miss an Event with Recreational Systems

Live-Streaming & On-Demand Video Services

Public events look a little different this year, but there are still ways to join in the fun with the right recreational system on-demand. Set your facility up with equipment to stream live events and record them for viewing at any time.

Recreational Systems On-Demand are in Demand

When your facility is designed for holding public events, but the current state of the world limits public gatherings, you need to get creative with your options. Setting up a recreational system with live-streaming and on-demand capabilities is one way to do this.

It’s a series of cameras and recording devices that not only offer security but also transform your facility into a live-streaming venue. The scope of the system depends on the square footage of your space. See what you can accomplish with one camera and go from there. Then provide the video recording online for those who couldn’t tune in during the live event. This broadens your audience even more.

Bring the Audience to You

Indoors or out, recreational systems set up on athletic fields, golf courses, swimming arenas, concert halls, and other venues make it easy for family, friends, and fans to be there from anywhere. Live access of any event is streamed online or through a dedicated app and shared with whoever registers, purchases a ticket, or simply has the access code.

More content is being shared online, especially now that fewer people are venturing out. This doesn’t mean entertainment has to stop. In fact, you can reach an even larger audience when you post online. Those overseas who wouldn’t make it to the live event anyway are now able to view the content on-demand. And now you’ve increased viewership and expanded your business. It all starts with the right equipment.

When you’re ready to up your live-streaming game, contact the specialists at Security Five for more information about recreational systems.