What’s Needed for Networking

Components that Connect a Business


Building the right network for your small business is no small feat. The network consists of computers, printers, phones, and other devices connected for a more efficient workflow. Choosing the right networking components is an involved process, but it’s doable with the right help.

Networking Components

So what exactly do you need for networking? To connect different devices you’ll need the following:

  • Switches. Much like a light switch, it acts as a controller between the other components being shared across the network. Switches are managed on-site or wirelessly through the cloud.
  • Routers. Want to connect multiple networks? You’ll need a router. Routers also connect computers to the internet—one of the largest data-sharing networks there is! Routers analyze data and route it through the complex network in the safest way possible—either with a protective firewall or virtual private network (VPN) as security.
  • Wireless Access Points. You don’t need cables to connect a network. Do it all wirelessly. This makes it much easier to connect new devices and support mobile users. Access points extend the bandwidth of a router to connect multiple devices from anywhere.

Once it’s all connected, see how easy it is to communicate with other networks, share files, and collaborate. If it’s not as easy as you thought, there’s still help available.

Connect with the Pros

Finding the right networking solution for your business will only strengthen communication across your company and with your customers. Do it right the first time by consulting with a company like Security Five. From up-to-date components to expert installation (if needed), having a pro in your corner is a safe start.