Farm Gate Design

Where Form Meets Function


There’s form, there’s function, and there’s farm gate design that accomplishes both. Easily secure your property in an appealing way with the right gate and fence system.

Tubular Farm Gate Design

When browsing the different design options, a steel tubular-type gate is one of the most popular. This type of gate can help control access to pastures, direct tractor and truck traffic, and efficiently secure rural driveways while still looking attractive.

The round hollow tubes effectively confine a range of livestock and its durable design withstands certain wear and tear. The choice is yours whether you want fencing to match or attach the metal gate to wooden fence posts. Either way, it can be painted to any preference or left a natural metallic color.

Wooden Ranch Gates

Strike a stylish tone as soon as visitors turn onto your sprawling property with a grand, wooden ranch gate. Whether you choose to erect large pillars and hang the property name over an automatic gate or opt for a more simple design, wood comes with a wide range of design opportunities. It also comes with more maintenance to ensure any harsh weather doesn’t damage the material.

Again, a wooden gate complements a post-and-rail fence nicely. Paint to match and use the same design aesthetic or make it stand out as an enticing entrance.

Farm Gate Function

Not all farm gates have the same function. Some may be a long way from the house and easier to open automatically—like one at the end of a long driveway or one tractors need to get through. Others need to open and close fairly quickly to easily contain the animals passing through and would work better manually. Make sure the gate operation matches the desired function to get more out of your investment.

For help designing the proper farm gate for your property needs, contact Security Five. From hardware to installation, it’s best to have professional help with plans for a smoother process.