Easy Smoke Detector Maintenance

Keeping Alarms in Working Order


You trust that your smoke alarm will work when needed, but when is the last time you’ve made sure it’s working properly? Smoke detector maintenance can be easy when done regularly, and it’s another simple way of possibly saving your life.

Regular Smoke Detector Maintenance

Many know to regularly test smoke alarms, this usually happens during daylight savings time. But did you also know that cleaning helps to keep smoke detectors in proper working order? The manufacturer’s guide provides instructions on the best way to clean certain smoke alarms. Here are some other key smoke detector maintenance tips:

  • Test alarms once a month to ensure the battery and alarm are working.
  • Replace batteries annually.
  • Vacuum around the device at least once a year to remove particles that could effect alarm performance.
  • If you hear the alarm’s low battery beep, replace batteries immediately.
  • Refer to manufacturer’s guide for any other warning sound explanations.
  • Do not paint a smoke alarm, for this can effect performance.
  • Replace all smoke alarms after ten years.

Professional Alarm Maintenance

When it comes to replacing or installing a smoke alarm, there are some things better left to the professionals. A licensed electrical contractor is required to disconnect or install mains powered smoke alarms. If an alarm is connected to a third-party security system, having a tech from that company can help ensure everything is connected correctly. If you have questions about the right smoke alarm for your home or business, contact Security Five to discuss options and further details on maintaining your system.