Boost Your Property Value Tomorrow with a Gated Entrance

Residential security gate

A security gate at the entrance to your driveway or property makes a smart addition to your home for several reasons. Obviously, a gate means greater protection. But did you realize it also can immediately pump up your property value? Here’s why the gated entrance will improve your home and its value.

Immediate Curb Appeal

Driveway security gates are often the first thing a person sees when they come to your property. They make an instant statement that conveys confidence, safety, and luxury. First impressions matter. Real estate brokers say that people tend to make up their minds about a home within the first seven seconds of arrival.

Plus, residential security gates are available in a wide range of designs, so you don’t have to sacrifice style. Custom lighting and masonry can be added to your home entry gate to give your property a warm and welcoming feel.

Higher Value Than Non-Gated Properties

We’ve seen this scenario many times. Two homes on the same street are both on the market. Which home will get the buyers’ attention first? Brokers say that a well-maintained home in top shape are the ones that command more money and sell quickly. People are willing to pay more for the right amenities, including security and automation. A security gate can be the immediate differentiator for your property, translating to a higher appraisal value and potential offer.

Savings From Insurance Companies

Check with your insurance agent about installing a residential security gate. Insurance companies often offer discounted premiums to homeowners who have taken steps to make their property more secure and safe from thieves. Knowledge of this financial incentive also can attract potential buyers.

Ask Security Five How a Gated Entrance Can Boost Your Property Value

Find out from the professionals at Security Five how an investment in a gated entrance today can maximize your property value tomorrow. Our team of experts can help you design a gated entrance that protects your family and pumps up your home’s curb appeal. Call Security Five today at 610-323-9511.