Benefits of Cloud-Based Equine Monitoring

And How to Manage it

When it comes to tracking health and wellness—for yourself and your family—would you rather wade through paperwork or easily organize, share, and store information digitally? If the latter works for you, you’ll appreciate the benefits of cloud-based equine monitoring. Learn how making the switch can make you a believer.

Managing the Cloud

Tracking the health and wellness of your horse is just as important—and time-consuming—as managing your records. Add to that the responsibility of training, breeding, and boarding, and you have a lot more to track. There’s an easier way to do it all, and it’s in a cloud-based software system.

If you already use apps, email, and other document-sharing sites, then you’re more familiar with the cloud than you may think. Many of these applications store and transfer data online, through the cloud. This makes it easier to update, restore, and debug systems since everything is digital.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Equine Monitoring

With the ease and usability of the cloud, it’s only natural that people use it for a variety of reasons. Especially when these systems are efficient enough to manage and share information. Of course, sharing info online comes with its own set of challenges, but Cloud developers have thought of this. Many software applications come with their own level of security, and of course, you can pay for more.

Sharing medical information is one of those applications where security and privacy are paramount, but these systems are still widely used by veterinarians and the equine community. When this community includes owners, breeders, trainers, boarders, and vets, there’s a lot of information that needs to be shared, so efficiency is key.

In addition to security and efficiency, making the switch to a cloud-based system comes with a long list of benefits, including:

  • Cost savings. Think of all that paper and on-site server equipment cost you’re saving.
  • Accessibility. You don’t have to wait to receive records in the mail or run to the office for paperwork when it’s all available through a web portal.
  • Data insights. Easily store and organize data to compare results.
  • Increased collaboration and communication. Share information with all interested parties and easily schedule appointments.
  • Remote support. When everyone is available at the drop of an email or instant message, you can get answers faster than waiting on hold or in line.
  • Competitive edge. Those facilities already utilizing digital records and cloud-based access will attract those looking for an easier way to monitor horse health.

Telehealth is on the rise in all levels of care, especially since the pandemic. Some have become used to being able to access records and receive consultations online. Cloud-based equine monitoring supports this trend. Learn more about how you can implement a cloud-based system for your farm or equine business. Contact Security Five today.