When to Update Burglar Systems

Plus New Features to Look For

Home security systems have one main job: securing your home. So what happens when it doesn’t do its job effectively anymore? Like any type of tech, burglar systems become outdated. From worn-out wiring to dead batteries, it’s not going to last forever. Plus, advancements in technology make it so updated systems offer more functionality and provide a greater sense of protection. So when is it time to update burglar systems? Read on to find out.

When to Update Burglar Systems

While the goal is still to secure your home, the process of getting the job done has changed over time. Some may be familiar with older methods of burglar alarms, from motion detection sensors to silent notifications. Now, upgraded technology allows businesses and homeowners to be in constant contact through various audio and video systems.

If you have an older system that’s well maintained and still works, that’s great. Some may even be scalable if the software is compatible with newer devices.

However, if your security needs have evolved into needing a more robust system with features like two-way audio, clear HD video, and remote access, you should look into updating now. You may have more issues syncing new smart devices and features with systems more than 10 years old. Older systems aren’t only out of date, but they continue to get more difficult to update or repair.

Updating Outdated Features

If you’re working with an older security system, there still hope for updates. Here are a few examples.

Landline. Alarm systems connected to landline phones may still work, but they’re not as versatile and it’s easier for a burglar to simply cut the cord and disable the alarm. If you cut the cord first and update to a wireless system, there’s one less thing to worry about. On the other hand, landlines are good for a temporary backup system when needed.

Maintenance. An older system can come with a mess of wires and physical components that all require regular maintenance. Keep your devices clean and in proper working conditions. Regularly check the connection, cleanliness of the lens, and storage capacity of the recording system.

Inherited System. If you’re in a situation where a security system was already in place when you moved in, you can get it checked out by a professional to run different diagnostic tests to help determine if an update is needed.

A Smart Decision

Advancing technology means devices are getting smarter to help make our lives easier. This goes for burglar alarms as well. Now they’re much more than a single alarm. These smart devices can detect changes in temperature, water leaks, barking dogs, opening windows, locking doors, doorbell rings, and much more. Smart devices can also be synced to one system that you can control from a mobile device—literally putting the power in the palm of your hand.

Updating a security system is a lot more involved than changing the batteries. If you need help considering your options, contact the security experts at Security Five for more information on keeping your system up-to-date to help keep your business or family safe.