Storing & Sharing Holiday Data in the Cloud

Making the Season Bright One MB at a Time

Between holiday tunes, recipes, photos, and more, it’s beginning to look like a lot of content! How are you going to organize and store it all? The cloud. Plus, sharing holiday data in the cloud is just as easy. Looks like the season is still merry and bright.

Welcome to the Cloud

Chances are you’ve heard of the cloud by now. We’re not talking about the fluffiness in the sky, we’re talking about the digital media service available for storing and sharing data. Many companies are already using it to streamline their business. But you don’t need to be a high-tech guru to benefit.

If you use social media, email, and apps, you already use the cloud. Many of these services rely on web-based storage components. From a simple image upload to complex processing, the cloud is a vast and powerful tool for remote networking.

Storing Holiday Data in the Cloud

So, how can the cloud help you during the holidays? Well, this year may be a rough one for families. Many may opt-out of traveling and gathering as they have in the past, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay connected.

When you upload content—videos, pictures, documents—to the cloud, it’s easily sharable with multiple parties. Share those cookie recipes, holiday greetings, carols by the fire, ugly sweater images, unboxing videos…share it all through the cloud!

With a larger capacity for file sizes, there are no worries about emails bouncing back or having to delete something to store something else. You can even access it across devices, across town, and across the pond where your great aunt could figure it out since there’s no fancy software or expensive server to set up.

So while you’re checking off your holiday to-do and wish lists, make a point to check out how the cloud can help keep you and your family connected this season and in the new year. Contact Security Five for more information and tips to get started.