Equine Monitoring for Horse Breeders

Track Vitals to Benefit Mother & Baby


Monitoring a horse’s health, happiness, and performance is important every day. That importance doubles when you’re breeding horses. Not only is the care of multiple animals involved, but the business of breeding is also at stake. There are many examples of equine monitoring that greatly benefit the horse, the foal, and the horse breeders.

Equine Monitoring for Vitals

While many people are familiar with tracking their steps, sleep, and other stats, did you know the same technology is available for animals too? There are wearable pieces of equine monitoring to track their movement, store this information, and easily access it through an app. Users are able to keep track of stride patterns and note any irregularities. This is particularly useful when monitoring for any injury or lameness—two conditions that greatly impact a pregnant mare.

Monitoring Fitness and Nutrition

Keeping a mare healthy throughout her pregnancy is a little easier when you can track her activity, sleep, and stress levels. There are bib trackers worn while a horse is stabled, or devices that fit into a collar or girth strap while out in the field. Sensors measure heart rate and fitness level and can even send out alerts when a horse shows signs of distress. Some apps send this information to multiple users, alerting a vet or other party of the horse’s health.

Stable CCTV Systems

In addition to receiving vital stats, there are also ways of keeping an eye on your horse before, during, and after birth. Set up a closed-circuit TV system in the stable and always know what’s going on. Invite other interested parties to tune in and keep track of progress. Systems with features like motion sensors and audio make it even easier to stay informed.

Having the right tools to track your horse makes both everyday life and important milestone moments easier to monitor. Contact Security Five for more information on equine monitoring and how it can help you and your horse.