How Team Recruiters Benefit from Recreational Systems

And What it Means for the Players


No matter what sport is being played or what level is being assessed, team recruiters are all looking for the same thing: talent. Talent is found on and off the field, and both can be monitored through the right recreational system.

What Team Recruiters Want

From high school football to college-level gymnastics, every team could use fresh talent. Sure, there are the standouts on any team that get a lot of attention from coaches and fans, but what about those teammates who show great potential and could be the next breakout star?

It’s every team recruiter’s dream to find a diamond in the rough, and not just when spectators are watching. A recruiter is looking for more than just raw talent. A player should also:

  • Show respect to the game, coaches, officials, and teammates.
  • Display consistent effort.
  • Lead by example in all aspects—from the practice field to the championship game.

But with so many teams across school districts and community leagues, how is it possible to assess every player? Recreational systems can help.

Recreational Systems as Recruitment Tools

Setting up a surveillance system at the playing field gives the players and recruiters equal advantage. Once recruiters gain access, they can:

  • Watch and replay scheduled practice sessions and games at their own convenience.
  • Assess different sessions from multiple locations at the same time.
  • Save on time and travel expenses.
  • Pick out more talent if they see the whole game from different angles.

That’s right. Usually, recruiters have a player already in mind. They may have seen a pre-recorded highlight reel or reviewed coach recommendations. But when they get to watch the game either live-streamed or saved to the cloud from the comfort of their own home or office, recruiters can focus on more than just the star player. Stored footage can be rewound or fast-forwarded to catch other highlights a coach may have missed.

This footage gives more teammates the opportunity to be noticed when a recruiter has more time to assess the plays both on and off the field. So make sure when you set up the surveillance systems the cameras are at different angles to catch the action in play and reactions on the bench and in the stands. You never know where the next star player will come from, but everyone wins with some help from recreational systems.