Fire Alarm System for Barns

How to Help Save Your Horse’s Home


A wooden structure full of hay is not the place for a fire. Barns are highly susceptible to damage, especially since it’s usually not equipped with the proper fire safety measures. On top of it all, it could house horses and other livestock which can be a great loss for any family. This is why a fire alarm system should always be installed in barns and regularly tested and updated to help ensure the safety of the structure and animals inside.

The Right Fire Alarm System

Houses are usually full of alarm systems. From burglary to fires, bells and whistles go off to alert us of all kinds of issues. Emergency services need to be alerted as soon as possible to be more effective. Every minute counts, especially when it comes to fire, and it’s even more critical if you’re not close enough to sense danger.

Alarms are designed to help. However, all alarm systems are not the same. A smoke alarm for your home can quickly become clogged from dust and debris if installed in a barn. Where you install an alarm also makes a difference. In a home, it’s usually on the ceiling, but this location could be too high in a barn.

There are alarm systems available that are more tolerant to dust. A heat detector is also useful in certain areas of the barn. Some designs activate when the air around the detector rises in a short period of time. Others alert you when the temperature reaches a preset number.

Other Important Services

Having the right alarm system is one thing, acting on the alarm is another. Unless you live in the barn, you’re not going to be instantly alerted to an issue. It’s best to connect an alarm to central station monitoring systems so that emergency services are also quickly notified.  Install an exterior alarm as well, especially if more than one exterior building is connected to the monitoring system. An outdoor light helps to indicate which building has set off the alarm.

Some form of camera or intercom system is also helpful to check in to see what’s happening inside the barn. Not only is this helpful in everyday life, but it’s extremely valuable in an emergency situation.

In addition to fire alarms, a sprinkler system can be invaluable to help save the structure and livestock. At the very least, keeping the barn clean and free of hazards will help prevent accidents in the first place.

Consult a security specialist on the right type of system and installation location. There are certain standards to follow regarding the spacing, height, and ventilation, and professionals can help ensure these requirements are met. Poor installation gives a false sense of security, which is worse than not having an alarm at all. Contact Security Five for more information on the right fire alarm system for your home and barn needs.