Improve Event Marketing with Recreational Systems

How Video Can Help

Video DSLR Cameras

Boost your event marketing strategy with the versatility of video. Here are a few ways to accomplish that through recreational systems.

Event Marketing Videos

Event marketing is all about promoting your services in the best light. So why not immerse your audience into the experience with video. The following strategies are some of the best ways to incorporate video with your marketing campaign.

  1. Website features. Nowadays it seems like everything is found on the web, so make sure your event information is included. It could have its own page or a featured section on your website, but there should be video somewhere. Make a highlight reel of past events or offer live-streaming of the event on the site or through social media.
  2. Social media strategy. Post promotional videos to build excitement. Post informational videos to answer questions. Live-stream parts of the event. Post highlight clips after it’s over.
  3. Email marketing clips. When the emails go out to your subscriber list or to attract more customers, include video clips to describe the event, introduce guests, provide ticket information, and registration instructions.
  4. Look professional. High-quality videos make a difference. Consider having professionals set up the video systems at the venue.

Professionally Installed Recreational Systems

If you want high-quality video for your marketing materials and promise to live-stream the event then make sure you have the right systems in place to back it up. Have cameras installed by those with the experience to see things from all angles. A reliable recording system is key to capturing and storing the footage. If something goes wrong on the day, having a customer service team to turn to is better than having to cancel or not deliver what was promised.

Contact Security Five to discuss the various recreational system options and turn your venue into a key driver for event marketing.