Burglar Systems in Barns

How Surveillance Can Help Save the Farm


You protect your home with security systems to try and prevent theft and damage. So why not guard other important structures on your property as well. Installing burglar systems in barns is one way to deter those looking to steal expensive farming, livestock, and horse equipment. Monitor what goes on in these areas 24/7 with its own set of surveillance cameras.

Barn Burglar Systems

Are you responsible for a herd of cattle? Do you raise sheep or pigs? Are you boarding and/or breeding horses? Running a business involving animals requires special equipment and outdoor structures separate from your home. You can watch over these areas and get notified of any disturbances without always being right there.

With features like motion-sensors, night-vision, and smart notifications, you don’t have to be in the area to know what’s going on at the farm. You can also grant access to surveillance footage to other involved parties, like horse trainers, vets, and other farmers.

The right burglar system not only provides peace of mind when owning animals, but it’s a convenient, cost-effective business solution that also benefits clients. Those who entrust their business with you can rest easy knowing their investment is also protected.

Custom System Installation

Like houses, barns and ranches have their own unique designs. Get the most out of your security system by having professionals help with installation. This way, you’re more likely to get something that fits the layout of your land. From coverage area and lighting features to available WiFi and network capabilities, security specialists at Security Five customize options for optimal results.