Home Automation Apps

For All Tech Levels


Say the word, app, and some people think technology while others think about food. Whatever your level of tech-savviness, there’s a home automation app out there that’s right for you. There are even some that can order more food.

What’s a Home Automation App?

Many have heard of smartphone apps and use them on a daily basis to stay in touch or pass the time. Some have used computer apps to better organize their daily life. But what about home automation apps? If you’ve ever taken your phone to change the TV channel or received a notification that there’s someone at your front door, then you’re more familiar with these applications.

Home automation is the connection between your smart device and your home—allowing you to control devices remotely. This can be done through your phone, internet, or a smart-enabled speaker.

Home Automation Examples

Having a smart home is becoming easier and more affordable with the rise of products and services available for everything from kitchen appliances to robotic vacuums. While robotic vacuums are cool on their own, they’re even cooler when you can turn it on from the cafe when you hear your mom is stopping by last minute. Here are a few other examples of what you can control with an app:

  • Indoor/outdoor lighting
  • Adjust the thermostat
  • Manage electronic appliances
  • Operate entertainment systems
  • Monitor security systems
  • Check the fridge and add items to shopping list

Many of these products use home automation apps that help control the device from anywhere you and your phone are. That’s right—from anywhere. You don’t have to be home to use these apps. And the technology is getting more advanced each day. But does that mean you need to be more advanced to use it?

Is Home Automation Right For You?

Having a love for technology is one thing, but some home apps are so easy to set up and use, all you really need is a desire to make life easier.

If you’re new to the home automation game, start small. Smart plugs can help automate what’s plugged into it. Smart bulbs can be set to a timer. Choose one new smart home device and see how it changes the game.

When it’s time to build on it, choose another device that can sync with what you already have. A smart hub can connect lights, music, television, and other devices from one place. Some homes now even come with smart hubs installed to control the thermostat and alarm system.

Professional Smart Home Help

If you’re interested in automating your home but aren’t sure where to start, contact the specialists at Security Five for some more basic recommendations