Updating a Burglar System

Teaching an Old System New Tricks

burglar system

With technology always evolving, it’s hard to keep up with the latest and greatest. Once you upgrade, a new version is likely to emerge soon after. But what happens when it comes to your safety? When is the last time updating a burglar system was on your list of things to do? If you can’t remember or it’s been too long, it’s time.

Updating a Burglar System

Whether you have an older system or none at all, there are easy and affordable ways to kick up security around your home or office. It doesn’t have to be the latest model, but it should be a scalable system that works for your needs.

If you already have a system that works for you, that’s great! But there are probably a few features you could add to make it better. For instance, does your system offer video surveillance? Night vision? Remote access? Push notifications? Central station monitoring? These are all features that may make it worth upgrading your current device.

Adding a Security System

Say you already have a system that’s focused on your front door. What about one for the backyard or living room or pet area? Some systems allow other cameras to be connected to the same network. It may be as simple as adding a camera or changing out the control panel to expand your system.

Cut the Security Cord

Some of the old security systems rely on phone lines to function. Upgrading your system to a wireless connection sends a signal through cell towers, making it harder to disable a system by cutting the connection. Check with your current security provider for more information on this upgrade, or contact Security Five for ways to make the switch.

The Key to Your New Burglar System

Does your system simply need a facelift? Turn in your clunky keypad for a modern touchscreen that provides more information about your system and other functions—like weather, dates, and schedules.

It’s possible to streamline the schedule even more when you connect the system with other smart home features. Control your thermostat, door locks, lights, and more with ease.

Even some of the oldest systems can be salvaged and easily upgraded with more convenient features. Contact Security Five for more information on what could be compatible with your system and how you can bring it up to date.