Cloud-Based Equine Monitoring

Building a Better Barn and Business

Horses in stable

Setting up a security system is one thing. Storing the footage for future use is another. If you’re going to want to record, save, and store surveillance footage, consider using the cloud. Learn more about how cloud-based equine monitoring systems can work for you and your business.

Why Cloud Storage?

No matter what you use your equine monitoring system for—daily check-ins, vet checkups, client access, pregnant mares, training sessions—it’s important that you have the option to store and share the footage. Not only is this vital for the continued health and safety of the animals but it brings peace of mind for their owners.

Cloud storage doesn’t require complex set-ups or hardware—only a single, secure location for files to live until you need them. You can also easily manage footage from one camera to a whole stable full. Then easily grant access to view and share the footage, all through the cloud account. If you’re having trouble handling it all, cloud storage companies are available for support.

Cloud-Based Equine Monitoring

Equine monitoring devices make it possible to check in with what’s going on in the barn. It’s not just a perk, it becomes a vital lifeline for many breeders, trainers, boarders, and owners of horses.

One of the easiest ways to manage content files is through the cloud. Since it’s stored through the internet, access is anywhere you can get a signal.

Providing cloud-based video access to others is as easy as sending a link or access code. This privilege can also entice others to look into your business and choose it over other providers.

Getting Started

Setting up a cloud-based equine monitoring system can be as simple or complicated as you need. Here are a few ways to get going:

  • There are a wide variety of plug-and-play devices that integrate easily and efficiently.
  • Simply connect compatible surveillance cameras directly to the cloud.
  • Automatically detect compatible cameras through Bluetooth or WiFi and configure it to the cloud through a related mobile app.
  • If you use a system that records footage onto an SD card or another external device, you can still transfer files you want to share and save to the cloud.

If you need additional support, contact Security Five to find out more about the many ways cloud-based equine monitoring will benefit your business and barn.