Park and Recreation Equipment

For Mixing Business and Pleasure

park and recreation security

The idea of going to the park should stimulate feelings of excitement and relaxation, not fear. When the department term has the word recreation in it it’s supposed to be fun. However, large public spaces are not immune to mischief. In fact, the more people allowed to gather, the higher the need for security. Here are some examples of the kinds of park and recreation equipment that helps keep the area secure.

Park and Recreation Security Equipment

From a small skatepark to a large national park, there are different levels of security at each facility to help ensure safety. While there may be armed guards stationed in a national park — in case of a wild animal or other serious encounters — it’s not necessarily an appropriate measure for a community playground. However, the smaller neighborhood could use video surveillance around the public space to help discourage vandalism and raise peace of mind with the regulars.

When it comes to video surveillance, there are even different levels to match the circumstances. A dedicated team of people may be involved to keep a large venue safe, but a community swim club hires a smaller multifunctional group. Even so, no matter how large the staff, there needs to be a user-friendly program in place to record, store, and review the footage.

Wireless systems are available that store video files in the cloud, making it possible to effectively organize data files and share them through the proper channels. Many systems are customizable to fit the needs of the organization. Some features of these systems include:

  • Durable outdoor cameras with night vision
  • Visible indoor cameras
  • High definition video and audio
  • Customizable viewing areas
  • Remote access
  • Wireless systems
  • Scalable features
  • Push notifications to law enforcement and other qualified users

Community Connections

Installing surveillance in a park or arena is not only for security. Think of all the spectators an event draws if it’s live-streamed on the internet. From concerts to nature walks, having a video to reference is a win-win for event organizers and attendees. Anyone with a device that accesses the web can participate in what’s happening — even from around the world.

Streamlined Security

The beauty of the digital age is that many systems are scalable, updatable, and able to accommodate a business of any size. This makes it easier to organize the day-to-day no matter what that may look like. From booking events and managing visitors to ensuring the area is up-to-code on security and other safety regulations, there’s a buildable system to organize and share it all. For more information on how to tailor the right system for your venue, contact Security Five today.