Controlling Access to Commercial Spaces

Installing Gates and Surveillance for Your Shop


When you own a shop or other commercial space, you have employees, vendors, and customers come in and out before, during, and after business hours. Controlling access to your shop is important to keeping the place secure. From gates to remote access systems, there are many ways to know who comes and goes even when you’re not present.

Controlling Access with Industrial Gates

Depending on where your shop is located,  there are a variety of electric gates you can install to help ensure only those with access can pass through. Industrial gates that easily slide open can cover wider driveways and taller door openings. Gates that swing open accommodate more narrow hallways. Pedestrian turnstile gates help control individual access to restricted areas.

Consider the following factors when choosing the right industrial gate:

  • Access requirements. Will authorized personnel have a special key or code to gain access?
  • Available space. What size area are you trying to protect?
  • Amount of traffic. High-volume areas need an automatic gate system that can work quickly and effectively.
  • Maintenance requirements. More complex gates will require more maintenance. Is your company ready to handle what’s needed?
  • Budget. The type of gate, location, materials, and operating system all factor in to the price.

Monitoring Access Remotely

Employers should do all they can to protect their employees and guests of the business. Controlling pedestrian and vehicular traffic becomes a liability on company grounds. Proper precautions are imperative to granting access to authorized and unauthorized personnel.

There are many levels of security available to an individual shop or commercial complex. From the industrial front gate and gated parking areas outside to the restricted areas inside, the right gate access and integrated monitoring system increases security. When employees feel safe at work, they can focus more on their job.

Connect your gates and doors to a surveillance system to keep track of who enters and exits on a daily basis. Use the footage in court cases as evidence, if needed, or simply to gauge proper work flow. Many systems can now be accessed through the internet or a mobile app to always be in touch with what’s going on.

After considering all your options, speak with a professional on the best way to install the right industrial gate and security systems. Having everything professionally installed is the best way to ensure the work is done correctly, and your commercial space is safe.